I first knowingly came across the concept of Hygge many years ago, when The Little Book Of Hygge was first published. It was love at first read! However my real love of the Scandinavian lifestyle and traditions goes way back... At primary school, back in 1996, we welcomed a Danish trainee teacher into school, and I was first introduced to Danish Gingerbread Cookies! Fast forward a few years to taking part in a Swedish exchange at secondary school, and forming a friendship that lasted many years, and saw me get to be on the receiving end of many Swedish traditions!  I fell in love with the traditions and lifestyle even more. So it has really been a love of mine for 25 years, and one I love to share with others, all with my own take on the feeling of Hygge.  The launch of The Hygge Box has been something I've been working on for many months, and I'm delighted to finally share it with you.